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Сегодня — воскресенье, 23 сентября 2018 г.
Россия | Гатчина Killzero 18:29:08

Категории: Стопкадры
The sound of the key turning made... кадаверус 15:29:46
The sound of the key turning made him shudder. The manacles were biting into tender flesh of his wrists, and his collar was rubbing at his neck painfully. He looked around in a futile hope of escaping, but there was nowhere to run and before Legolas could move Elrond put the key into his pocket and turned towards the trembling elf. Legolas shivered, averting his gaze from the large form that was looming over him.
- Pray be seated, - said Elrond mockingly.
He obeyed. The large dark sofa was not at all as soft as he expected. There was a small hook in the wall right above it, which reminded Legolas of the torture chamber immediately. Trying not to think about the hook, he pressed a finger to the smooth surface.. leather? It suited Elrond well - to have furniture made of hides of dead animals in his chambers.
Talking about Elrond, he approached the sofa with a large casket in his hands. Legolas felt desperation engulf his whole being. Was Elrond going to torture him again?
The lead was lifted and removed by the peredhel, revealing objects of strange and different shapes.
Elrond lowered the cascet upon the sofa beside Legolas, and he could not help but shift uncomfortably.
- Your hands, - said Elrond in a cool voice, reaching for Legolas' wrists and unclasping the chain, which was holding the manacles together. Feeling that he was able to move his hands freely once again, he started squirming in Elrond's grip, earning himself a sharp slap on his ass. The next second there was a longer chain holding his wrists together. Before he had a chance to understand what was happening, Elrond pulled up the chain, securing it above the sofa. He struggled frantically trying to get his hands off the hook but it was impossible.
- Let me go please! - the cold smile upon Elrond's lips was the only answer he received.
He was frozen with fear, not able to avert his eyes from Elrond who fished an egg shaped object out of the casket and held it in the air by a small appendage on the rounder side.
- I hope you appreciate my kindness, princeling, - Elrond's fingers wrapped around Legolas' cock. He jerked in his bounds in a futile hope to get away. Why did his body betray him? His cock was already half-hard and getting harder with every second spent under Elrond's fingers.
- You are evil! Not better than an orc! - Legolas glared at Elrond only to see his cruel smile spread wider. He cried out, feeling his cockhead being pinched. To his terror it did nothing to soften his cock, which was fully erect already.
Elrond's left palm, in which the strange thing was held, was suddenly near the elf's ass. Legolas felt something hard and dry rub at his entrance, realizing it was the tip of the egg-shaped trinket or whatever it was.
- Shall I use lube?
Legolas gasped, hearing Elrond's lewd voice and feeling warm ticklish breath against his ear. Elrond's body pressed against him, big and heavy. He could feel the noldo's cock rubbing against his side.
The egg-shaped thing's tip was rubbing teasingly against his hole, which was spasming uncontrollably. Elrond's finger circled the gentle pink rim, making Legolas shudder.
- It is trembling and twitching, Legolas. Answer me. I don't like repeating myself.
Legolas breathed slowly, trying to calm himself, but it was impossible. Not with this thing, smooth and inviting, pressed against his entrance. Not with Elrond's fingers ghosting above the tip of his cock, which was leaking precum by now.
- Yes, - he blushed, hearing his own voice so weak and needy. Elrond's hand left his weeping cock only to pinch one of the nipples.
- Yes what, child? Don't forget whom you are adressing least you impair my indulgence.
- Yes, Lord Elrond, - moaned Legolas, lowering his head in shame.
- And isn't it polite to state what it is exactly that you want me to do?
Legolas whimpered. His balls were throbbing and his cock pulsing.
- Please, use oil on me, lord Elrond..
He was all sweaty and shivering, looking at Elrond as he fished a small vial out of the casket.
Legolas' little hole, ready to lose its innocence, was coated in oil in no time. Legolas was wriggling his ass feeling Elrond's finger, which was thick and long, wiggle inside his clenching passage. He closed his eyes and suddenly the were two fingers inside him making him squirm and whimper in excitement.
- I will have you sat on my cock as as you are able to fit it in, - Elrond's cold voice made him arch his back, his cock desperate for touch of anything but cool air. There was a second finger inside him and Legolas came.. well, he would cum unless Elrond's long fingers suddenly wrapped around the base of his cock leaving him without any hope for release. The fingers left his passage, and it felt empty now.
The tip of the egg-shaped thing pressed slowly inside. Legolas bit his lip again trying not to moan as his tender walls were being stretched. He felt that, was it not for Elrond's gripping fingers, he would be cumming the second time already. The egg-shaped object was getting thicker and finally he felt stretched to the brim, both painfully and delectably. He felt that the thickest part of the egg was inside him. Now the was only the thin appendage left outside his body.
He saw Elrond's wrist shift slightly, and felt the "egg" shift inside his body. His tender inner walls were touched, stretched and defiled. He cried out and bucked, wriggling his ass.
Smiling wickedly, Elrond moved his hand away from that part of the object which was not inside Legolas. Legolas felt Elrond's hand upon his back, making him shift his position. He could not help but obey. It felt as if the cruel noldo turned him into a ragdoll. He was not controlling his body anymore.
Now he was sitting properly with his ass pressed against the leatherly surface. Elrond continued squeezing the base of his cock, while the fingers of his other hand were toying with Legolas' little pink nipples. He could not help but whimper and squirm under the touches, which made the "egg" inside him shift, making his eyes roll back in pleasure.
He felt Elrond pinch his cock cruelly, making him jerk and cry out.
- Now listen carefully, Legolas. I am going to let you hang there with your hands bound and a ring upon your cock for some time. And I daresay your opinion about telling me by what means your father's measly forest is defended will change soon.

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Позавчера — пятница, 21 сентября 2018 г.
- The fuck is wrong with you, elf... кадаверус 22:06:46
- The fuck is wrong with you, elf? - Boromir's rough voice made Legolas tremble uncontrollably. He was crouching in a corner, pressing his back against the tent's wall in a futile hope to hide himself from Boromir's rage.
- Well, I'm not going to give up on a slut just because it got a little bit sick. Maybe my cock will heal you better than any of these herbs and ointments would.
Legolas could not believe his ears. Did the man wish to kill him? He saw Boromir turn towards the healer.
- Am I right, what do you think?
The healer shrugged casually.
- Well, I don't think it will affect his condition.. unless you go rough indeed, you know. Actually, there's a saying, that a disease leaves a man's body together with spunk, yeah, - the healer grinned.
- For all I know, he maybe simulating the illness in hopes of you letting him cum once more.
Could it really be so? Of course, no. Boromir was not a stupid man, he saw clearly that his little captive was ill indeed and he knew the elf could not just make his forehead so feverishly hot, even if he wanted to.
- You have my leave now. And you, little slut.. I don't believe it is possible to cure a disease with fucking, and I would like to try something else before you die. It won't be interesting to fuck a dead elf, I presume. But what if you sickness is contagious? I'd better leave you in a forest to die. On the other hand, it might be just an elvish fever or something. So, what shall I do with you now?

четверг, 20 сентября 2018 г.
. memеntо mоri 08:46:41
Стоишь такой с пацанами в курилке, в этой компашке я так сказать новое лицо, и тут обсуждение аниме и хентая, все резко поворачиваться и спрашивают шаришь ли ты за него, и ты мысленно переносишься на 6-7 лет назад на пик популярности нарутки и реборна,т.дворецког­о, вообще это комично, разговаривать с людьми 20-25 лет об аниме. понимая что уже не особо следишь за ним, хотя думаю что сейчас самое время посмотреть что нибудь новенькое или пересмотреть.
вторник, 18 сентября 2018 г.
Hopeslight gaming Hello, I would like to tell you to check the AP... kliverrrr 09:25:34
Hopeslight gaming
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19:12:10 ябeда
крутая часть интернета
понедельник, 17 сентября 2018 г.
~ 3019 >> i'l be the boss fr u джaггернaут в сообществе Иисусья тряпка + СТОЛ ЗАКАЗОВ!!! 20:17:18

if this is what you want just shoot me

mamamoo — egoistic


­­Я так часто прогуливаю с эстетиками, ну прямо как пары в шараге.
Сегодня я хочу предложить Вам ассоцитивную эстетику с 4-мя моими любимыми песнями по стихии. То есть сделать эстетику в концепте песни.
С вас всего нужно:
­­— стихия (вода, огонь, земля, воздух)
— темперамент (сангвиник, холерик, флегматик, меланхолик)
— категоризация (интроверт, экстраверт)
— имя модели (только люди + на англ.)
— ник
— холод или тепло?


и не забывайте пинать меня в личке, если я задерживаю эстетику.
соо в други. <з

Категории: Ассоциации, Открыто, Музыка, Эстетика, ~yurka~
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18:48:28 джaггернaут
я не забыл! у меня открыта вкладка все время! щас продолжу
18:50:38 виo
воздух холерик амбиверт kim heechul violien холод <3
19:10:10 джaггернaут
____­EXO-K — Overdose i73.beon.ru/59/57/2545759/76/128115876/Halsey.png i73.beon.ru/59/57/2545759/77/128115877/1.png Каждый старается выдавить что-то из себя, чего-то добиться в этой...
____­EXO-K — Overdose



Каждый старается выдавить что-то из себя, чего-то добиться в этой жизни. Но кажется, мы все стали забывать, кто мы по своей природе. Мы – животные. И где-то в глубине нашего сакрального мира, устроенного на личные предпочтения, скрылась комната с называнием «Инстинкты». Вы не замечали, как внутри нас начинает скрестись своими длинными когтями зверь зависти, когда кто-то живет лучше нас? Когда кто-то красивей, умнее, сильнее нас? Но несмотря на эту зависть, мы продолжаем смотреть на жизнь богатых и успешных людей, в компании громче всех крича о том, что они воры, и они этого не заслуживают. А чего заслуживаете вы своей завистью? Чего заслужили вы, обучаясь в нелюбимом заведении, а затем работая на нелюбимой работе, превращая свою жизнь в ежедневную каторгу, совершенно не стремясь поменять что-либо в себе. Кто дал вам право вешать клеймо на других, но огрызаться, когда подобное вешают на вас? Таким способом, вы проживете долгую жизнь, маринуясь в собственном черном болоте под именем Душа, до тех пор, пока она не поглотит вас. Учитесь ценить то, что имеете и стремится к лучшему.

05:32:53 капитан мемес
вау шикарно
Небольшое Обращение Щеглы Кьяра Асакура Кларк 19:21:56
Эта запись только для адекватных анимэшников"ну или же любители Rainbow Six Siege Анимэ"
Если ты умеешь писать посты например:
"-Ты в моем доме, дура. *Сделал портал*
-Где ты живешь, говори точный адрес!"
Пример 2
"я сейчас так успокоюсь что на всю жизнь запомнишь ой*захлопнула себе рот*"
И не с кем играть,то под этой записью оставь комментарий с фразей"Давай сыграем"
Я прочитаю,посмотрю.
а потом уже добавлю в друзья и можем сыграть
P.S:Вы не думайте я не е*нутая,просто иногда надо свою фантазию развлекать,и вам арты с хентаем подавать.
Ах да.....
В соц сетях я про свою личную Жизнь и работу не говорю!и говорить не буду!(у меня все хорошо,все зашибись,все замечательно)
­­ ­­ ­­

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